Narva Vesi AS

About us

The main task of Narva Vesi Ltd. is to supply the towns of Narva and Narva-Jõesuu with drinking water and to treat wastewater. In spite of the sinuous course of history, the company has always been a reliable partner for its clients.

Our company serves 1107 individuals and 773 legal entities in Narva and Narva-Jõesuu. Our major clients include
Fortaco Estonia OÜ, Nakro Ltd. Narva Gate OÜ and Narva Power Plants Ltd.

The towns of Narva and Narva-Jõesuu

Supervisory Board
Vladimir Mižui (Chairman), Jan Saan, Anna Kovalenko, Mihhail Stalnuhhin and Galina Vologdina.

Share Capital
2 302 677,30 euros.

  • Maintenance Department,
  • Water Supply and Sewerage Department,
  • Customer Service,
  • Accounting.

Main fields of activity
The Companys main tasks are:
  • To pump fresh water, treat it and provide customers with drinking water
  • To accept household and industrial wastewater, treat and discharge it and process the dregs
  • To drain precipitation water from the territory of Narva and treat it
  • To maintain and repair precipitation water sewerage systems
  • To maintain fire-fighting hydrants
  • To maintain water supply systems and facilities
  • To install and check fresh water and wastewater meters
  • To provide water supply and sewerage planning and building services and consultations for individuals, businesses and organisations
  • To inspect the building of water supply and sewerage objects and to act as a buyer

Auditing company
HLB Expertus Audit OÜ
Narva mnt 7a
10117 Tallinn
phone: +3726555155
fax: +3726555156